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Secret Sorrows
Hey, I'm Ghislaine, this is rarely a fandom blog. It's mostly fluff, sadness and sarcasm.

If I know you irl I would reaaaallyy prefer that you didn't read my poetry or analyze my art

I am a real person with a strange conglomeration of ethics and interests beyond the internet, like English and trumpet playing and other stuff you probably don't care about XD

I track chairmanmeowith if you need me and everything in My Art and Strange Edits pages are mine so please don't repost, reblogs are welcome on anything though ^.^

I also tend to do follow for follow

Cover of my copy of Jane Eyre

Cover of my copy of Jane Eyre

Posted on 31st May 2013 at 9:55pm with 6 notes
Tagged as #jane eyre #fritz eichenberg #charlotte bronte #random house #books #old
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